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You are enough

I have a message of love and acceptance for you. You are pure, positive energy expressing itself in the physical world, yet also residing in the non-physical realm. You are never alone, even in your loneliest and darkest times. You are enough. You are worthy of all of life’s abundance simply because you are alive. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You are everything that you need, self-contained and yet connected to all that is. You only need to realize and allow yourself to feel the connections you have to the infinite universe.

We go through this life thinking that we are separate and trying to prove our individuality while wanting to feel accepted. I have never felt that I could fit in with the crowd and never really wanted to, but I never wanted to feel rejection, either. I’ve been afraid to stand out too much at times, yet wanted to be recognized for my uniqueness. In the past, I hid myself away behind timid smiles and unspoken thoughts. I’ve learned not to sacrifice my own well-being for social acceptance. I’ve learned that the only person’s opinion of me that matters is my own. I’ve learned that to experience the love that I’ve always searched for means to embrace and fully accept myself with all of my quirks. The most important thing in this lifetime is to learn self-love, and yet most of us never understand what this means.

Life is paradoxical and it is easy to lose ourselves to overthinking in the attempt to find what is true. Truth is in perspective. Truth doesn’t have anything to do with reality unless you believe it. It is easy to be judgemental and critical of ourselves and others. None of us intends on being hypocritical, but often we are without even realizing it. We allow our conditioned beliefs to limit our views on what can be “real”. We use our imaginations as small children and live in our own realities until we are molded into responsible, logical adults who no longer have time for creativity and imagination. We are all here doing the best that we know how to do with what we have been taught. I believe it’s time for better teaching and more creative learning and use of imagination to create the reality we all want, one of peacefulness, contentment, joy and non-suffering.

Every moment is a new opportunity to grow and learn. So many choose to remain stuck in old patterns of thought and belief, choosing to wallow in discontentment and lack. Change is good. Change is necessary and should not be feared. We tend to be anxious and depressed, fearful of the future and resentful of the past. We allow our minds to dwell in times and places other than the present moment, which is the only time there really is. We get stuck in patterns of thought about all the things that could go wrong and don’t stop long enough to allow ourselves to see what could go right, constantly trying to get ahead of problems that may never arise and always feeling like we are drowning because we don’t allow ourselves to breathe. We get inspired ideas that spring up like wildflowers, beautiful and delightful and then we allow the weeds of criticism and negativity to take over and choke out the excitement and joy we want but don’t allow ourselves to have because we need to be “real” and logical. We fear looking foolish and making mistakes. It is not foolish to experience the world; it is the way to wisdom. The worry of not being perfect keeps so many people from doing the things they want to do. There are no mistakes; there are only learning experiences. There is no good or bad, right or wrong; there is wanted and unwanted and helpful/hurtful or constructive/constrictive. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. If you can stop thinking in such finite terms of existence and experience, you free yourself to create the reality you desire.

Comfort and familiarity are the stasis of human beings. It is so easy to remain in the discontent of familiarity and be comfortably numb. Emotions and beliefs from childhood experiences and traumas live in our subconscious minds and rule our actions as adults if we don’t allow ourselves to process, forgive and move forward. We are always searching for things to make us feel good, yet we fear feeling too good because we don’t want to experience the low of feeling really bad if what we perceive of as good goes away. Are you always waiting for the other shoe to drop? Do you have yourself convinced that the bad in life outweighs the good? Do you believe everyone is out to get you and the universe is against you? Have you decided that it is better to feel nothing at all, rather than experience the highs and lows of joy and pain? Why do you refuse to allow yourself to feel satisfaction? Why are you so comfortable making yourself numb? Your inner voice says, “I don’t know what is wrong with me. Why can’t I stop being this way, doing this thing?”. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you. You are choosing, subconsciously, to believe that you are broken, unlovable, and/or unworthy.

Everything you desire is on the other side of fear. We all have our baggage, childhood conditioning and experiences that scar our subconscious minds. Much of what we are taught as children is not conducive to our well-being as adults. Childhood experiences that we can’t fully understand leave us feeling lost, vulnerable, angry, resentful, guilty, ashamed and unworthy of life itself. I am here to tell you that you are worthy of life and all of its abundant gifts and opportunities. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You are no better and no worse than any other person no matter how much societal conditioning attempts to divide and classify us. You can and you do create your own reality. The question is are you creating the reality you want. Are you conscious of what it is that you do want to experience? Are you focusing your energy on what is wanted or wasting your thoughts on what you feel you lack? You get what you believe you will receive. The Law of Attraction will bring you what is a match to your vibration. If you are resonating with the frequency of lack or guilt, shame, resentment or anger, you will attract experiences that will bring you more of these emotions.

What is going right for you? What can you find to be grateful for? Even in the most dire of circumstances, there are always things to be grateful for. Focus your energy on recognizing beauty and abundance in the world. Stop hating or being jealous of those who have what you want. Appreciate the small things in each moment that help you feel connected and satisfied. Let go of your fear and forgive what needs to be forgiven and move forward toward the reality that you truly want. You have the power to be, do and have anything you want in this lifetime. Care about how you feel and choose better feeling thoughts. Get in touch with your true self by quieting the chaos in your mind, and allow inspired guidance to bring you all that you desire. Become the observer of your own mind and learn to control your thoughts. Stop trying to get by busily doing and allow yourself to be.

The thoughts you think create the emotions you feel, which in turn generate your actions. Your point of control is always within yourself, not external. Your beliefs create your life. Believe that everything you desire is available to you and you open yourself to the experience of having everything you want in this life. Believe that you are enough and you’ll no longer feel the need to prove yourself to anyone else to gain acceptance or approval. Believe that you are lovable and you will begin to love yourself and attract the love of others. Believe that everything is just as it needs to be, elevating each of us to our highest potential and you will no longer be filled with worry and anxiety. Believe that the universe is benevolent and you will experience life as beautiful, creative and inspiring.

The only real struggle in life is the struggle within our own minds to control our thoughts. When you are able to create the space between who you truly are (the observer of your thoughts) and your mind, you will understand the power you have to choose the way you live your life. Don’t allow your mind to rule you and your life. You are so much more than your body and your mind. You are life. You are love. You have limitless potential.You are a creator. Use your mind as a tool and learn how to use it to create what you want. Reality is whatever you perceive it to be. You’ve been conditioned since birth to perceive and believe in the same ways as those around you. You don’t have to allow this conditioning to create your life. Question your beliefs and change them as necessary to create the experiences you desire. When you look for everything that you perceive as wrong in this world, you will create overwhelming suffering. If you look at the world as a place of beauty and potential and focus your attention on creating what you want, you reclaim your power. You have the choice to make yourself miserable or make yourself joyful just by choosing to change your thoughts.

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