What is Hypnosis?

I have trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy techniques, completing the online certification program, but I have not remained current as a member. Marisa Peer, creator of RTT, is an award winning UK psychologist and voted Britain’s best therapist. She has been using hypnotherapy to help thousands of people over the course of the last 30+ years and she developed her own method to get straight to the core of each person’s issues. I love her no nonsense and cut to the chase approach because I’ve always been about efficiency and refining processes. One RTT session can create huge shifts in a person’s subconscious programming to facilitate immediate changes in their lives. Instead of years of talk therapy that keep a person feeling stuck, RTT goes directly to the root experiences that have created limiting beliefs within the subconscious mind and allows the client to realize why they have been doing the things they do and frees them from repeating the cycle by changing the subconscious program and eliminating the old belief.


Marisa says that first you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you. This is very much in line with what I’ve learned about healing on the quantum level from Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton, both have combined scientific explanation with spirituality to explain how to create healing within the body and changes in your life. Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings lead to your behaviors. If you change your thoughts, you change everything.


We live our lives primarily from programming in our subconscious minds. Only 5% of our behavior is from the conscious mind and the other 95% is completely subconscious. We are mostly on auto-pilot day after day. If you want to change something in your life, you first have to change the way you think by becoming conscious of your thoughts. I learned this 16 years ago when I made the decision to become a thinner, fitter, healthier person. I came to the understanding back then that I had to think of myself in a completely different way to become the person I wanted to be and once I was able to shift my thinking, it was easy to lose the weight. Unfortunately back then, I didn’t know anything about hypnosis so I had to use repetitive conscious thinking to change my subconscious programs and it took more time to completely shift away from that old mentality and keep the weight off for good.


All of our core issues tend to go back to three main beliefs; I’m not enough, I’m different and unlovable, and what I want isn’t available to me. As a child, we go through the first 7 years learning by hypnosis, which is a state of suggestibility. We spend much of our waking time in the theta state brain wave and learn things by watching, listening and interacting with those around us. We form beliefs about our experiences that go into our subconscious programming and create the way we live in the world. Early childhood trauma interferes with the development of the prefrontal cortex of the brain where we process information in a logical manner.


Trauma is any external experience that a person is unable to process internally. Developmental/attachment trauma causes a separation from ourselves. Trauma is not really about the experience itself, but the perception of it and the beliefs created from it. Because children don’t have the ability at an early age to logically process information because the prefrontal cortex is still developing, even seemingly small experiences can be traumatic and cause lifelong beliefs and interfere with living their most productive lives as adults. Trauma causes emotions that if not felt and released, cause energetic blocks within the body and can lead to pain and inflammation, as well as, contribute to addictions and other dis-eases at later times in life.


Hypnosis is the process of moving the client out of the critical thinking mind into the subconscious mind. It is simply a deep relaxation and a “sleep” of the nervous system in which the client enters alpha or theta brain waves and becomes highly suggestible. In hypnosis, the client has immediate access to all memories and feelings associated with them while still being aware of their surroundings and remaining in full control of decision making. Through the process of regression, the client can easily recall the memories and beliefs created from those experiences that have led to the current issues. I like to think of it as talking to your inner self, the part of you that knows everything and wants to help you survive. I use several techniques to get to the root of the issue and help the client understand how and why the issue was created and change the beliefs associated with it to allow healing.


I am able to use a technique to speak to the part of you that created the issue and learn the role, function, purpose and intention of it and negotiate with it to leave. I can also use hypnosis to direct your body to heal. Your thoughts are energy and by using your thoughts to direct energy to the cells in your body, you can create massive healing in short amounts of time. I combine neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnosis to reframe past experiences and free you from limiting beliefs. Through the process of regression to the cause of the issue, you come to an understanding of the experiences that created beliefs and caused the issue that you are currently having. You are then able to process the emotions and eliminate the old beliefs and then receive new positive suggestions to create the changes you want. The final part of the hypnosis session is a transformational recording that upgrades the mind to new positive thoughts and beliefs. This recording, when listened to everyday for 21 days, sets in the new beliefs and creates the new wanted behaviors.


Hypnosis is useful for nearly every issue you can imagine. I am specializing in weight reduction and well-being (which almost always goes back to feelings of not being enough) because of my personal experience with this issue. After I lost the weight, I became passionate about helping others who are suffering through the same types of issues I went through so I studied personal training and got my certification from NCSF. I also took another course on nutrition through the NCSF. I used my own experiences along with the information I learned to create my own weight reduction program and started leading meetings I called “Fit to Be Me”etings. I had a 100% success rate with the women who committed to the program. Each of the women who continued with the meetings lost at least 35 lbs and one of them lost nearly 60 lbs. Unfortunately, at that time of my life, I still had a lot of self-esteem issues and limiting beliefs about money that blocked me from continuing on to have a successful business. With the help of RTT, I have overcome those blocks and am looking forward to helping others live their best lives while creating a successful career for myself.


Some of the ways hypnosis can be useful include: overcoming fears/phobias; eliminating addictions such as drug, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, shopping, food etc; releasing pain; eliminating money blocks; increasing confidence/self-esteem; overcoming anxiety and depression; healing dis-eases; weight reduction; fertility issues; memory and concentration; or it can be used to increase skill levels for athletes, musicians, etc. Hypnosis can help give you your life back and create the one you love to live where you thrive instead of just survive!