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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What do you do as a Holistic Sovereignty Mentor?

A:  I support and guide clients to know and understand themselves as they come into alignment physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirit. I offer a perspective and tools to liberate and empower each client to live life on their own terms, true freedom that comes with awareness and responsibility.


Q:  Do I need to by hypnotized to benefit from your services?


A:  No, hypnosis is only one technique that I can use to help facilitate healing. It is an amazing tool to uncover subconscious beliefs that contribute to current issues you are facing. I also offer hourly mentoring sessions, which can be used to discuss any issues you are currently facing.

Q: What if I can't be hypnotized?

A:  Everyone is able to enter the state of hypnosis if they choose to do so. It is not my job to "hypnotize" you. My job is to guide you into self-hypnosis, which is easy when you want to experience the healing benefits. Many people are hypnotized daily when doing things like driving, watching TV or movies, etc. As children, we all learned through a hypnotic, theta brain wave state. The depth of hypnotic trance doesn't determine the outcome of the session. Even a light level of hypnosis has great benefits. Simply using visualization techniques can lead to a state of hypnosis.

Q:  What is hypnosis and what is the benefit of a rapid transformation session?

A:  Hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of the mind that makes you more open to suggestion and allows you to more easily access every memory. No one can make you do anything you are not willing to do. I use hypnosis to help your mind relax from fast beta brain waves to slower alpha waves, which allows you easier access to your subconscious mind and memories. Hypnosis makes it much easier to bypass the critical faculty, which inhibits you from getting to the root beliefs and experiences that have contributed to your current issues. Hypnosis can facilitate rapid belief changes and healing to allow you to feel better fast!

Q: Is hypnosis compatible with Christianity and other religious beliefs? 

A: I have a strong spiritual connection. I was brought up in the Lutheran religion, but I feel that many religions, though seemingly meaning well, use guilt, fear, & shame as ways to control people. I don't believe in a judgmental God who would send people to hell for not pleasing him. I believe in Love & kindness, as well as understanding, compassion & forgiveness. This is what Christ stood for. There are many interpretations of the Bible & many ways the information is taught. As I see it, we all have free will & the choice to live in joy or fear. The two do not go together. Perhaps, you need to ask yourself what you believe? Do you believe that God wants you to suffer or do you believe in a God that Loves you & wants you to be happy? 


I believe that each of us is responsible to take care of our own thoughts, which is exactly what you are doing by seeking help to see a new way. I am not in competition with God & I feel I help people Love themselves just as Jesus spread the message to Love one another. My views on God may be different from yours, but I believe that Love is the answer to every question & that's what I guide people toward. You have to decide for yourself how you want to feel. You may find this article helpful.

Q:  What is the benefit of analyzing and understanding my Astrological birth chart and using Human Design?

A:  Everything that we believe to be solid is actually energy in motion. The planets and the sun, especially, are strong energetic sources that influence each of us. The placement of the Sun, Moon, and other planets at the exact time or your birth paints a picture of your personality and how you respond to life experiences. The energy of planets and stars imprints us with certain characteristics. Knowing your Astrological placements and houses can help you understand yourself better. Knowing how your ego works makes life easier to navigate and helps you transcend to more spiritual understanding. Your birth chart info can show you the ways you process experiences and give a glimpse into your soul's trajectory this lifetime. Utilizing your Astrological info can help you in career, relationships, and other life choices. 

Human Design is a system that incorporates Astrology, Rave I' Ching, Hindu/Brahman Chakra systems, and quantum physics. It is a vast source of information that allows each person to have a consistent strategy to live by and helps one with correct decision making based on an internal Authority, not the mind. Learning to utilize the information of Type, Strategy, and Authority allows one to live and express uniqueness. We live in a homogenized collective due to conditioning we receive from external authority through others. This system supports one in being his/her own Authority and activates individual potential. By looking at your unique Bodygraph, we can begin to see the ways you've been conditioned to behave that may not be in alignment with who your really are. With awareness of these aspects, it becomes much easier to see when you are not living fully aligned and move in a more fulfilling direction.

Q:  Do you help people lose weight?

A: Yes! I have personal experience with weight loss from losing over 100 lbs all naturally. I obtained a personal training certification and helped several others lose weight in a group format. Weight loss tends to be a benefit of bringing your body, mind/emotions, and spirit into alignment. My emphasis is on overall wellness with a holistic approach.


From my experience, extreme weight issues are always linked to emotional trauma and energetic blockages. I work with clients to release limiting beliefs and blockages that facilitate a healthy body weight. I also offer nutrition and exercise mentoring to help bring your body into alignment. I have a vast knowledge of body systems and can help you learn to optimize physical health. A healthy mind and spirit bring about a healthy body. Your body will return to it's perfect size when all parts of you are in alignment. You can view my personal transformation video on Youtube.

Q:  What services are available through Zoom?

A:  All services are available online through a Zoom call. Hypnosis sessions are able to be completed via Zoom as long as you are able to position a camera for me to see you during the session and audio is good on both ends. I am happy to connect online with people from any location to do mentoring or Astrology and Human Design analysis.

Q:  What is relationship compatibility analysis?

A:  This service is the analysis of two or more people's Astrological and Human Design charts to determine conflicts and compatibilities between the two. It is very beneficial in romantic relationships and to understand what attracts you to another person. Knowing the personality tendencies of another person can help you communicate and understand that person better for a more harmonious relationship. This service can be very beneficial for understanding your children better, too!

Q: What hours are you available for appointments?

A:  I am willing and able to work around your schedule to make face-to-face appointments in office or we can always work out a Zoom call on a day and time that works for both of us. I also have some availability on weekends and evenings.

Q:  What forms of payment do you take and do you take payments on packages?

A:  I take payments through Square, Paypal, Venmo or cash. I do not take checks. I am willing to work out payment plans on packages, but I require a portion prior to service. Payments must be adhered to as agreed with no refunds. Please contact me to discuss any financial concerns you have. I will do what I can to help you figure out a way to facilitate your healing. I am also open to alternate forms of payment such as gift cards, Bitcoin, or trade.


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