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The body is a door to another dimension. The brain is a receiver and processor of energy, not just from the physical senses. Energy is information that vibrates. Everything is energetic in nature. Every type of healing occurs energetically, whether it be through chemical additions, electrical stimulation, physical contact, talking, etc. Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. All matter is energy. Consciousness is all the energy that exists. Everything is consciousness.

Ultimately, it is your belief system that determines your level of understanding, healing, and your reality. We come into this physical world with an energetic imprint from the planets, sun and stars. This imprint shapes the personality that we express during this lifetime. We are also molded by our surrounding energetic systems, such as family, institutions, culture, etc. This is what is referred to as "conditioning". As small children, we absorb information in many ways. We are in a constant state of realization, learning and integration as we grow. The environment that a child lives within plays an important role in how that child functions as an adult.

Babies and children need secure attachments and nourishing environments that allow them to grow into and become healthy, well-balanced, nurturing adults. Adults who lacked that secure connection as children have a difficult time navigating life in a way that feels satisfying and fulfilling. Many develop addictions to substances and other experiences as a way to fill the void that feels ever-present within them. So many people are lost within the matrix of what they believe to be a prison, feeling overwhelmed and helpless. They long to feel seen, heard, understood and loved as they cling to a fear of rejection that keeps them in a self-sabotaging loop of experiences. Many of us live with deep seated beliefs that love is painful and requires suffering.

True LOVE is unconditional and it's the fullest expression of each individual as an authentic perception within the mind of the Universe, GOD, Source, Creation, or whatever you choose to call it. To transcend requires the full realization of all that you are, which is an expression of All That Is. You are not separate, though the illusion of separation supports the physical experience within this body. There is no true separation. There is only one energy vibrating at different frequencies, perceiving itself in multiple ways. To believe that you are unlovable, unworthy or inadequate is a lie that keeps you from fully understanding your power and experiencing all that existence has to offer.

Everything is always here and now. Time and space allow for the illusion of past, present and future. There is nowhere to go, but inside. All is within you. Even the idea of this body being separate from Spirit is an incorrect concept. The body resides within Spirit. Every aspect of existence or consciousness resides within itself, wholes within wholes, all holographic in nature. The process of death and rebirth is continuous and constant and experienced as change, transformation. Each of us is always shifting and changing, some more consciously than others.

Transcend the belief systems and perpetual thoughts that prevent you from experiencing yourself as totality. The sky is not the limit; your belief systems are. Emotions are guidance to allow you to know when you are misaligned with your true, abundant nature. Fear is a flag that asks you to look inside and question the meanings, definitions, and beliefs you have about yourself and reality. Transcendence is freedom from all suffering without invalidating suffering as a choice. Denial and avoidance keep you locked away, and yet you always hold the key. Growth occurs in discomfort. Creation, Source, GOD, the Universe, All That Is LOVES you so much that it allows you the freedom to choose. You cannot perceive the light without the darkness. All serves purpose. The key is to see from eyes of neutrality and realize the choice you always have to move toward what you prefer. The only way anything is "good" or "bad" is through your individual definition and meaning of it. Let go of perpetual and dysfunctional belief systems by facing the fears that they have been built upon.

The door is open. It's your choice whether or not to walk through. Use your imagination to create the experiences and reality that you prefer instead of wasting it on worry and anxiety. Believe that everything is always working out for your highest expansion and growth. The purpose is simply that. Let go of the idea of who you're supposed to be and simply become the truest expression of yourself and know that that expression is ever-changing, too. This is transcendence.

It's never too late because now is the only time there has ever been or ever will be. You exist and you always will. Be present here in the NOW. Choose joy, fun, excitement and move toward what you're passionate about. Know that, not only are you unconditionally supported and loved, but that you are LOVE. I'm here with you. I see you. I love you. You are another version of me and I of you.

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