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Storms of Life

This is a poem I wrote several years ago. I wish I had written the date. It still speaks to me.

Solar flares and candle flames

Whirling winds and growling rain

Drenched, dripping, soaked

Moist warm air and a chill to the bone.

Strip it all off and be naked and alone.

Listen to the raging winds and thunder claps as lightning breaks across the blackened skies.

Where are the stars tonight?

Still shining behind?

Pitter patter, tap, tap, tap slowly first but louder now.

The rain has a voice to clear my soul.

Hollow me out and then overflow.

Torrential thoughts and memory decay

What was is gone.

What is now will not remain.

Bask in the pleasure and live through the pain.

This moment will never happen again.

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