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The Key To Healing

In a nutshell, the key to healing is to stop identifying as a sick or broken person! This goes for physical, mental, or emotional discomforts and dis-eases. Your beliefs about your body, mind, spirit and the way the world works can either hold you in patterns of dis-ease or liberate you. For example, if you believe that your body is automatically going to deteriorate and break down as you age and that the things you have put your body through in the past are just "catching up", you're setting yourself up for dis-ease and discomfort. Even though, there may be some "truth" in these beliefs, as the body can have more difficulties in regenerating over time, the real Truth is that when you are fully in alignment and providing the body with what it needs, it is constantly regenerating and repairing itself.

The body and mind are parts of nature, provided as vessels for your physical manifestation. You are not your body, nor are you your mind. These are aspects of your physical existence, which I could debate as even being physical as everything is energy. What we think we experience through the senses is actually only ever experienced within the mind. Think about this for a second. If you lost your sight, couldn't hear, smell, touch or taste, how would you know you were alive? Your reality could be a sort of limbo or dream world without senses while others around you could see you as still living and breathing with a beating heart, but how would you know if you were alive or dead? You would technically be able to move your body, but without senses you would have no balance and no ability to know where your limbs would be in space.

Now, let's think of the mind for a moment. What exactly is the mind? Is it simply the brain or is it more? What are thoughts and emotions? How are they generated? I think of the mind as an antenna that picks up signals and it can be tuned to different "stations" or frequencies. These frequencies are what we know as emotions (energy in motion), which are generated through thoughts. Now, this could be debated, too, like most concepts...which comes first the emotion or the thought? They go hand in hand. How are thoughts and emotions different? I'd say that thoughts are within your brain and emotions come from the heart. Is this accurate? Eh, I don't know, but it's my view and understanding so work with me.

What I know is that the heart is the largest source of electromagnetic energy in the body! It definitely plays a role in more than just pumping blood around the body. Science has demonstrated health benefits to heart/brain coherence, which is when the immune system, cardiovascular, endocrine system and nervous systems are all synchronized and working together (probably safe to say all biologic systems). Coherence is a state of unity. When your thoughts and emotions are in coherence, you are in alignment and the body and mind are functioning in a harmonious way. You feel good! You feel energetic and healthy, inspired, passionate, appreciative, loving, and joyful! These feelings generate health and well-being. These feelings are dependent upon the thoughts that you are thinking. If you're thinking thoughts that evoke emotions like shame, guilt, fear, anger, resentment, or apathy, you are in a disempowered state and setting the stage for physical discomfort and dis-ease.

I could go into so much more with this, but I'll leave you with a few simple thoughts. What you believe is your reality. Each of us has the ability to tune to different frequencies. You can use your senses to create your perception of everything, but what is "real" goes beyond the physical senses. If you change the way you think about things, you shift the frequencies you are tuning into. You always have a choice as to how you want to experience and create your reality. Getting caught up in low vibe thoughts and emotions holds you in patterns that lead to dis-ease. If you want to be healthy, you must take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions and stop looking for external sources to blame. Let go of your attachment to the belief that you are sick. Don't identify as the dis-ease. Question the pay-offs for whatever you are experiencing. Whatever the experience, it is the path of least resistance which the Universe is providing to you to help you see how out of alignment you have become. If you are experiencing a lack of well-being and health, examine the thought patterns you've been repeating and let go of them. Reach for the thoughts and beliefs that bring relief instead of stress.

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