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Responsibility seems to be a dirty word for some people. Responsibility gets confused with obligation. I'm a person that doesn't ever like to feel obligated to do anything, and I've gotten to a point in life that I have no problem saying NO. What does it mean to be responsible? Are you ever obligated to do anything?

To be responsible simply means that you have the ability to respond. Many people have been conditioned to believe that they are responsible for the way others behave and use emotional manipulation tactics to change other's behaviors. You are not responsible for how other people think, feel, or behave. You are only responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions.

We live in a world that promotes co-dependency through governmental controls, media, institutionalized education and organized religion. Shame, guilt, anger and fear are very motivating forces for controlling the population.

You came into this life a sovereign being. You came through your parents, not from them. You have no obligation to be or do anything that you don't want to. You are not here to be controlled, nor are you here to control others.

We are all connected, but we are all unique points of perception. Each and every person alive serves a purpose. They wouldn't be here if they didn't. The idea that one life is more valuable than another perpetuates violence, oppression, and separation.

We are in a period of transformation. Life is change. You have free will and you are responsible for your choices. It's time to wake up and re-member. Nothing is happening to you. It's all happening for you.

We are all here expanding consciousness, creating, and knowing ourselves through our interactions with others. The one cannot know itself without some way to see itself. See others as your mirror. Response is your ability. Choose Love.

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