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Debunking COvid


Disclaimer: None of the following is intended to be medical advice. I am not a medical professional & I will not be held responsible for anyone else's actions or intentions in the use of this information. I strongly encourage you to do your own research & take responsibility for your own health & well-being.

I have taken the time to put together a fairly comprehensive list of videos and articles that you can pass along to others in an attempt to educate people during this time of government propaganda and misinformation that seeks to keep the masses following along like fearful and traumatized children. There is a clear attack happening on our freedom and I will not comply with this authoritarian takeover that would have you believe they are “keeping us safe”. My body, my life, my choice! I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself. I’ve learned much about vaccines and I do not believe they are helping to build a healthier population. In fact, the rising infant mortality rates, and numbers of children with autism and other diseases seems to correlate with the increase in vaccinations over the last 20+ years. Many medical professionals and scientists from around the globe have come together to show that the way this “pandemic” was handled has contributed to more deaths than it has helped prevent. I hope you’ll take the time to read and watch even if you still believe that the world needs to be afraid of a virus. Fear serves only those who wish to control you and it is one of the greatest stressors to your immunity and health.

I am a health advocate and I use supplements and food as my medicine. An easy way to help yourself stay healthy and fight off any type of infection is to optimize your levels of Vitamin D, take magnesium and zinc supplements, and take Vitamin C (in high doses, especially if you already have symptoms). Read more about the many studies on these supplements at There are treatments for respiratory illnesses that doctors and hospitals, very unfortunately, do not use. I feel that many ill people are falling prey to medical malpractice. Sadly, there are many doctors who simply follow hospital directives and fear losing their licenses so they don’t make available “alternative” treatments. It seems the main tool during this “viral” outbreak has been to put people on respirators, which is pretty much a death sentence in most cases. Dr. Mercola has many articles relating to ways you can help your body and this link is to an article on using nebulized peroxide as a treatment for respiratory illness.

I have become interested in Agorism and Voluntaryism. You can learn more about this way of living at Derrick Broze has many articles, books, and videos discussing how to opt out of the technocratic state. I truly believe the only way to real freedom is to free ourselves from the government. You may want to check out to see where other like-minded people are and even start your own freedom cell. Many people are moving to & starting intentional communities based on non-aggression principles. You can find listings of these communities here: Those who believe in nonviolence and sovereignty need to stand together in support of each other and start their own communities.

I get a lot of my information from and Del Bigtree of has awesome informational videos on vaccine information and other health related topics. I find these sources to be very reliable and referenced. Always do your own research and critical thinking. I believe that we can all feel truth when we don’t allow our cultural conditioning and childhood traumas to get in the way. Peggy Hall of has done excellent work in fighting the mask mandates and has legal forms on her website that you can use to protect your freedoms. She also has several Youtube videos.

The way to end this is to choose to say it’s over. Stop complying with mask wearing. Stop isolating. Do not get tested. Do not buy into the nonsense any longer! Your true power is innate and is a combination of love and will. It is not forceful or controlling. True power allows all people to be free and responsible for their own choices. No one can take your innate power from you without your cooperation. Free will is your divine birth right!

This article explains the lawsuit being prepared & executed against world/government officials/leaders who propagated this pandemic scandal using PCR testing as a basis to generate mass fear.

This article covers many pieces of the COVID puzzle, examining the possibility that 5G electromagnetic interference could be causing illness, why the contagion theory has never been proven, & why this "viral pandemic" has no scientific proof backing it.


The following article discusses the latest Danish study on face mask wearing:

This is an excellent & informative interview with OSHA experts & whistleblowers, Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan on the dangers of wearing face masks

Mask FactsThis is an excellent documentary and references showing that wearing face masks is unnecessary and not conducive to a healthy population.


COVID-19 Death Recording Manipulation Explained--This is an excellent explanation of why you can’t believe the numbers!


Dr. Andrew Kauffman explains COVID testing This is an amazing and easy to understand explanation of the PCR testing and why it isn’t accurate.

Sayer Ji and Dr. Thomas Cowan discuss Germ Theory

A comprehensive look at COVID death rates that clearly shows that this is not a pandemic!

The Facts about COVID - Thomas Woods

The Rise of Medical Technocracy and COVID by Lee Merrit, MD

Peggy Hall tells you how to deal with businesses that prevent entry without a face mask

Here's another really easy to understand video explanation of why PCR testing is complete bullshit & doesn't prove viral infection. It contains clips of Kary Mullis, the creator of PCR process, stating that it cannot & shouldn't be used to diagnose infection.

PCR TESTS This article is the most recent info & very informative on why the PCR test is so flawed. Antibody testing is also covered. The videos within it are very helpful in understanding it all. This short video explains the issues with relying on PCR testing.

Busted: 11 COVID Assumptions Based on Fear Not Fact This article breaks down PCR testing, antibody testing, mask wearing, social distancing and lockdowns. It’s a comprehensive article to combat anyone’s misinformation and mainstream media propaganda. An excellent look at the death rates, PCR tests & evidence showing we are not in a pandemic & don't need to fear a second wave.

This is a link to more data and information on how the PCR test works and why it’s not capable of diagnosing infection of SARS-COV-2

Vaccine Info

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