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I purchased a FIR sauna from Relax Saunas and I love it so much that I've become an affiliate so that I can promote it's benefits to others and earn a commission!


This individual and portable sauna is very effective and efficient! I'm sweating within 10 minutes and by the 30 minute mark, I'm usually feeling like I'm melting! I feel amazing after I use it! My energy levels are higher and discomfort I'm feeling in muscles or joints is gone by the end of my sauna time! I finish with a shower to rinse off and use cold water for the final couple of minutes for even more healing benefits!

FIR stands for Far Infrared, which is a light wave length that is contained within sunlight and every living being. These light waves go beyond just heating up the body to offering healing effects.


The benefits of using FIR include energy production, collagen and elastin production for younger looking and healthier skin, increased circulation, detoxification, metabolic increases, and relaxation!

If you're experiencing discomfort from arthritis, lyme disease, neuropathy, lymph issues, circulation problems or muscle inflammation, using a FIR sauna can help!

This particular sauna is lightweight and portable so you can easily move it around your home or even take it with you! It only takes up about a 3 foot square! It's easy to use and take care of and heats up quickly so the cost to use it is fairly minimal. The set up is super simple and only takes a few minutes!

You can find more information and purchase your own by using this link! I'm happy to answer any questions or offer a demo of my sauna if you'd like to try before you buy! 

Between BEMER and my FIR Relax Sauna, I feel like I'm aging in reverse!! I haven't felt this good in years!

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