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BEMER (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation)

I am very excited to announce that I am now an independent BEMER distributor and am offering BEMER sessions in my office! Your first session is absolutely FREE to help you experience just what this technology can do for you!

BEMER is a PEMF Class II Medical Grade device that acts on the smallest vessels in your body to promote oxygen and nutrient flow into every cell and remove waste products.

One 8 minute session twice per day helps your body do what it is meant to do naturally to increase vitality, improve sleep, enhance physical fitness, strength and endurance, increase focus and cognitive functions, reduce the stress response and increase relaxation in a non-invasive and effortless way!

BEMER can help optimize your overall health and well-being for longevity! It helps your body help itself regulate! I strongly believe that BEMER is preventative care! I use it daily to increase energy and have been getting the best sleep I've had in years! BEMER can be used to target discomforts anywhere in the body! I've been using it to ease discomfort in my shoulder and knee from old injuries that have given me chronic discomfort.

Contact me to set up a demo and learn more about how BEMER can help you! Your first session is FREE! I offer paid sessions for $25/session, which can last between 20-40 minutes.

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