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Transcend & Transform

"Know Thyself"

Life is all about relationships. The most important one is the relationship you have with yourself. Sovereignty is freedom to live your own authentic life and be fully capable of making decisions as your own authority.

Everything begins within your mind with the story you keep telling yourself. Are you ready to write a new story and feel fully alive and empowered? Do you want to feel fully free, and yet intimately connected?

You can move out of survival mode to thrive and experience joy, peace, and love when you break through limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior and come to know who you really are beyond who you were taught to be.


Jessica Fred, Holistic Sovereignty Mentor

Hi! My name is Jessica Fred. Welcome to my world! It's a magical world that wasn't always so magical. My entire life has been about self-mastery and transformation. I'm here as a living example to inspire and empower you to live a life you love and love the life you live!

I've always been a curious sort who gets excited about learning how everything works, especially the human mind. My passion is to dive deep into the abyss of the human psyche and understand why people think the way they think and do the things they do. I've realized how much we've all been caught up in a dream (for many a nightmare), and it's time for humanity to awaken.

I'm a 5/1 Manifesting Generator born on the Left Angle Cross of Spirit (59/55 | (16/9) in the Human Design System. I'm a Virgo with Scorpio rising, which makes me a very analytical, orderly, efficient, nature-loving woman with an intensity and individual flair. If I were to sum up what I'm here to do this lifetime, I'd say it's to dissolve all the barriers to true Intimacy and Love, starting within myself. I'm here as a guide and a clear reflection for others to truly know and understand themselves. 

Are you seeking connection? Do you feel unseen or unheard? Are you feeling a little lost and questioning your life path? Let me shine a little light and illuminate those shadows so that you can see the path. I'll guide you back to your authentic self and empower you to be the authority in your life.

Mentoring sessions will guide you back into your own power. Gain clarity and move beyond limitations and blocks to transform your life experience. Sessions available via ...
Holistic Mentoring Session


Hi Jessica,

I want to thank you for all your help! I thoroughly enjoyed your Wellness package! I am still listening to both hypnosis sessions as I feel they really make a difference. I appreciated our weekly face to face as it centered me and I value your input and advice, both of which I am still applying and feel successful in my endeavors. I like your Wellness Guide and use it as reinforcement by rereading parts of it occasionally. I'm determined to try more of your recipes! I do like the fact that you taught your lessons through hands on, visually, and hard copy documentation as this suited my learning needs perfectly. 


You have a great talent for teaching and helping people. Thank you for making this such a great experience for me! I feel I have gained a mentor and a friend!






As some of you know I've been going through some growing pains and negative patterns.. and today I called it quits I was and am ready to heal and choosing to talk to Jessica and do one of her hypnotherapy sessions changed my ENTIRE WAY OF THINKING and gave me new hope to continue my journey forward in a positive way. She was an absolute godsend and she lifted my soul, changed my embedded ways of thinking, and really gave me the words and wisdoms I needed. She tells it how it is and she has the ability to take you into the past to sort through trauma and change old patterns of thinking.. (I even went to when I was 4 flipping years old!).

Anyhow, I highly highly recommend her and this is only after our initial session, not including the empowerment/guided recording she gives you for the 21 days after.. I am so looking forward to how this will impact me going forward.


*Disclaimer: Jessica Fred is not a medical professional. All guidance is intended to empower you to take responsibility for your own health and should not be taken as medical diagnoses or treatment. All information provided is educational and done in good faith. You are encouraged to discuss any medical issues with your qualified physician prior to making changes. Any outcomes are determined by your contribution and willingness to change patterns of behavior. Jessica cannot and does not guarantee any particular outcomes. All information contained within this website is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research and decide what is best for you.

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