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"Know Thyself"

Transcend & Transform

It's time to remember who you truly are!



I'm here to guide you back to yourself! All that you are seeking is within you! We are Spiritual beings having a Human experience! It's time to reconnect with your true power! My gift is to be a mirror for others to see themselves. Understanding your egoic personality and conditioned identity will allow you to transcend thoughts, limiting beliefs, and habits to transform your reality. Using tools of Astrological birth chart analysis, Human Design, and Nine Star Ki, you will see the character role that you are playing and begin to understand that you are much more than your body and your mind!


Your mind is a tool. Are you using it or is it using you? Free yourself from fear and self-doubt and move from surviving to thriving! Let me guide you back to sovereignty. Be your own authority! This is your life! You have been gifted this body and mind to experience yourself and existence. True freedom comes from within. Are you ready to take the road less travelled? Let me be your guide.


I'm passionate about natural health and healing! I know the regenerative power of the human body. I've spent the last 17 years researching and experimenting with holistic approaches to optimizing my body, mind and health.

I use an integrated method of holistic approaches, including hypnosis, EFT, meditation, Astrological and Human Design birth chart analysis, yoga practices, and nutritional practices, to facilitate the healing process in each client. You are capable of healing yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally! I have the personal experience and knowledge to guide you on any transformational journey. I am here to empower you!

Unconditional self-love is the key to healing yourself! Your thoughts create feelings, which lead to beliefs that hold you in patterns of action. Conditioning from parents and institutions in your early life has contributed to the life you lead as an adult. You've lost your connection to Self. It's time to remember who you are beyond conditioned identity. Know yourself to know your creative power.

Stop waiting for the world to change and be the change you want to see! 




How I Can Help You

If you're tired of struggling through each day, feeling like there must be more to life and you're ready to break out of old self-defeating habits, I'm here to empower you and guide you back to your authentic self! 

You have the capability to heal yourself and I'm here to help you understand your power as a divine creator!


You are an energetic being and when you clear the blocks within your psyche and body that hold you back, you will experience the highest levels of joy, love and peace!

I help people who are struggling regain energy, vitality, and health without the use of stimulants or medications!

Using meditation and hypnosis techniques, I can help you reconnect to your authentic Self, overcome trauma, dis-eases, addictions and anything holding you back to create the body and life that you desire without years of therapy!

Using my intuitive abilities, personal experience with transformation, and accumulated knowledge and training, I am confident that I can help you overcome any obstacle you are currently facing.

I love to inspire and empower people to find their own authentic paths, free from limiting beliefs and cultural and social conditioning!

I'm a master problem-solver and see the bigger picture with the understanding that a problem cannot be solved by the same thinking that created it! With that being said, I don't really believe there are any true problems, only situations that elicit growth and learning!

Now is the time to transcend all beliefs and conditioning that have kept you feeling helpless and hopeless and transform your world! Take back your power as a sovereign being and become the authority of your life! 

 All sessions are done online via Zoom or in my Minot, ND office. Please use the contact form or email me to set up a clarity call or to ask questions. I'm happy to connect with others on the path to Truth.


If you know it's time for change, but you're not quite sure what to do, book a 15 minute call to gain clarity, and determine the next step. Ask questions and get a feel f...
Clarity Call


Hi Jessica,

I want to thank you for all your help! I thoroughly enjoyed your Wellness package! I am still listening to both hypnosis sessions as I feel they really make a difference. I appreciated our weekly face to face as it centered me and I value your input and advice, both of which I am still applying and feel successful in my endeavors. I like your Wellness Guide and use it as reinforcement by rereading parts of it occasionally. I'm determined to try more of your recipes! I do like the fact that you taught your lessons through hands on, visually, and hard copy documentation as this suited my learning needs perfectly. 


You have a great talent for teaching and helping people. Thank you for making this such a great experience for me! I feel I have gained a mentor and a friend!






As some of you know I've been going through some growing pains and negative patterns.. and today I called it quits I was and am ready to heal and choosing to talk to Jessica and do one of her hypnotherapy sessions changed my ENTIRE WAY OF THINKING and gave me new hope to continue my journey forward in a positive way. She was an absolute godsend and she lifted my soul, changed my embedded ways of thinking, and really gave me the words and wisdoms I needed. She tells it how it is and she has the ability to take you into the past to sort through trauma and change old patterns of thinking.. (I even went to when I was 4 flipping years old!).

Anyhow, I highly highly recommend her and this is only after our initial session, not including the empowerment/guided recording she gives you for the 21 days after.. I am so looking forward to how this will impact me going forward.